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Transplant diagnostics

Everything from serology to next-generation sequencing and post-transplant monitoring.

In the field of transplantation diagnostics, we offer a comprehensive range of products to ensure safe and uncomplicated organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantations. All our products meet the highest safety standards and are CE IVD certified. (Outside USA & Canada)

HLA typing…


…via HLA specific antisera with HLA-Ready Plate


…via SSP-PCR and agarose gels with HLA-Ready Gene


…via Real-time PCR with HLA-FluoGene®


…with optimized Real-Time PCR as HLA-FluoGeneNX


…of 11 loci in single antigen bead resolution in less than one hour with HLA-FluoGene384


…in highest resolution with Next-Generation-Sequencing and our NGStype® Software

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In addition, KIR typing may be useful, which is possible with our KIR-Ready Gene Kit.

For an additional ABO typing we offer our innovative transfusion diagnostic products.

To detect a possible rejection reaction early after a transplantation we recommend our QTRACE® chimerism analysis..

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