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RBC-FluoGene® Q

RBC-FluoGene® Q

The flexible blood group diagnostics for every Real-time cycler

The new FluoGene® Q series consists of liQuid mixes and is detached from the inno-train instruments and the FluoGene® software. The qPCR kits consist of a few, usually 1-2, primer-probe mixes, the FluoMix, and one positive and one negative control DNA. The reagents can be used on any Real-time instrument in both 96 and 384 blocks.

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Advantages of the RBC-FluoGene® Q


qPCR in liquid format for flexible screening.


Control DNA included in the kit.


Only one pipetting step.


Less than 5 minutes hands-on time.


80 minutes from DNA to result.


Suitable for any Real-time PCR instrument.


25 years of experience in RBC genotyping.

RBC-FluoGene® RHD Zygosity Q

For RHD zygosity determination, a distinction must be made between DD (RHD*01/*01) and Dd (RHD*01/*01N.01) samples. The RBC-FluoGene® RHD Zygosity Q test system is a fluorescence-based quantification of RHD exons 1 and 10 from genomic DNA for the determination of RHD zygosity by Real-time PCR. The calculation of RHD zygosity is done via ΔΔCt-value.

RBC-FluoGene® D weak Screen Q

The D weak Screen Q test identifies the alleles RHD*01W.1, RHD*01W.2, and RHD*01W.3 classified as D positive in one reaction. With the 2nd mix, in combination with the first mix, a separation of the RHD*09 allele cluster occurs, separating the D weak type 4.0/4.1 alleles from 4.2 and 4.3.

On a 96-well plate, a screening of 96 samples for D+ alleles are possible (Mix 1 only), or 48 samples with additional separation of the RHD*09 alleles. The evaluation is performed using the Ct value calculation of the used Real-time instrument.


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RBC-FluoGene Q
Item numberName
001 094 024QRBC-FluoGene RHD Zygosity Q
001 093 100QRBC-FluoGene D weak Screen Q

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