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NGStype® software

Our powerful and intuitive solution for your NGS data

After a short import of the illumina NGS datasets, the NGStype® software already calculates an unambiguous and high-resolution typing result, for the most loci. However, if any ambiguities remain, the NGStype® software offers many intuitive assist tools that enable a clear typing with just a few clicks.

These results can be saved as a report or exported to a LIMS system in no time. On the report you get all important information like the detected alleles including a P-/G-group summary and heterozygosity ratios of exons and introns.

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NGStype® Software
Item numberName
002 097 024HLA SuBito NGStype® – 6 loci
002 098 024HLA-SuBiTo NGStype® – 7 loci
002 099 024HLA-SuBiTo NGStype® – 11 loci

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