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HLA Real-time PCR

HLA-FluoGene® – The real-time detection for the perfect match

FluoGene® combines minimal hands-on time with reliable real-time PCR.

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The advantages of the FluoGene® system

Established TaqMan® method.

Developed in close collaboration with histocompatibility and immunogenetics laboratories.


Low DNA consumption (e.g. 1 μg per 11 HLA loci with HLA-FluoGene Match).


Ready-to-use kits consisting of FluoMix, PCR plates with primer probes, and optical sealing foils.


Highest security due to barcoded tests and closed system.

Runs flexibly on the FluoVista® endpoint fluorescence reader and FluoQube® Real-time cycler.

User-friendly software with fully automated result calculation.


Same system incl. software for HLA, RBC, and HPA.


All products are CE IVD marked (outside USA & Canada) and are manufactured and tested under a DIN EN ISO 13485 certified quality system.


Flyer HLA-FluoGene®

The next generation: HLA-FluoGeneNX Match and HLA-FluoGene384


Typing of 11 HLA loci with single antigen bead resolution: HLA-A, -B, -C, -DPA1, -DPB1, -DQA1, -DQB1, -DRB1, and -DRB3/4/5.


Typing of all 23 known CWD null alleles.


Hands-on time: less than 5 minutes.


Assay duration: less than 1 hour.

HLA-FluoGeneNX Match in 96 well format on the FluoQube®
HLA-FluoGene384 Match in 384 well format on the FluoQube384 with a single PCR plate.


Flyer FluoGene®

Flyer FluoGene® NX Kits

RT-PCR Cycler for HLA-FluoGene Kits

RT-PCR Cycler for HLA-FluoGene384 Kits


HLA FluoGene Kits
Item numberNameTest / Plate
RUONot for use in diagnostic procedures -
USA and Canada
002 070 010HLA-FluoGene A1
002 071 010HLA-FluoGene B1
002 071 020HLA-FluoGene B2
002 072 010HLA-FluoGene C1
002 073 010HLA-FluoGene ABC1
002 074 010HLA-FluoGene ABDR1
002 077 010HLA-FluoGene DRDQ1
002 077 030HLA-FluoGene DRDQ3
002 078 048HLA-FluoGene B2712
002 078 00QHLA-FluoGene B27 Q12
002 079 010HLA-FluoGene DPB11
002 081 010HLA-FluoGene DRDQDP plus1
002 084 020HLA-FluoGene DRDQ plus2
002 085 010HLA-FluoGene384 Match10
002 07W T96FluoGene Wipe Test2
HLA FluoGene NX Kits
Item numberNameTest / Plate
002 082 010HLA-FluoGeneNX ABCDRDQ10
002 083 005HLA-FluoGeneNX Match5
002 085 010HLA-FluoGene 384 Match10
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