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RBC Real-Time PCR

RBC-FluoGene® – The high-quality Real-time typing system

RBC-FluoGene® combines minimal hands-on time with reliable real-time PCR.

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The advantages of the FluoGene® system

Established TaqMan® method combines all the advantages of SSP-PCR with the speed of endpoint fluorescence detection.
Developed in close collaboration with immunohematology reference laboratories.
Ready-to-use kits consisting of FluoMix, PCR plates with primer probes and optical foils.
Highest safety due to barcoded tests and closed system.
Runs flexibly on the FluoVista® endpoint fluorescence reader and FluoQube® real-time cycler.
User-friendly software with fully automated result calculation directly after PCR.
Same system incl. software for HLA, RBC, and HPA.
All products are CE IVD marked (outside USA & Canada) and are manufactured and tested under a DIN EN ISO 13485 certified quality system.


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The next generation: RBC-FluoGeneNX

Low DNA consumption, e.g. 150 ng per typing with RBC-FluoGeneNX ABO plus.
Same method like with HLA- and RBC-FluoGene® via fluorescence detection.
Hands-on time: less than 5 minutes.
Assay duration: more than 1 hour.
RBC FluoGene® ABO
RBC-FluoGene® ABO basic & RBC-FluoGeneNX ABO plus

The RBC-FluoGene® ABO basic system is able to clearly distinguish the alleles ABO*A1.01, ABO*A2.01, ABO*B.01, ABO*O.01 & ABO*O.02 from each other. The RBC-FluoGeneNX ABO plus test system also detects another 35 ABO variants, in particular ABO*AW and ABO*BW alleles and impresses with a faster PCR program (54 min) and lower DNA consumption.

RBC FluoGene® CDE
RBC-FluoGene® CDE

This test system detects the RHCE alleles RHCE*C, *c, *E, *e, as well as the SNP c.122A>G (CW), and SNP c.733C>G. Based on the exon pattern via detection of RHD exons 1-7, as well as 9, and 10, a variety of RHD categories and hybrid genes are uniquely characterized. In addition, RHD null alleles and further partial Ds (separation of the DAU allele cluster) are identified via specific SNPs.

RBC FluoGene® CDE eXtend
RBC-FluoGene® CDE eXtend

The CDE eXtend Kit is based on the CDE Kit and enables a comprehensive RHD and RHCE genotyping by additional reactions. In addition to further partial D, many weak D and DEL alleles are also detected. Furthermore, additional RHCE SNPs are integrated for the detection of RHCE variants.

RBC FluoGene D® weak/variant
RBC-FluoGene D® weak/variant

The molecular characteristics of the weak D types are different point mutations, each causing an amino acid exchange in the intracellular or transmembrane region of the affected antigen. The resulting lower concentration of Rh/D epitopes on the erythrocyte membrane depends on the weak D type presence and can lead to a strong attenuation of agglutination in the classical hemagglutination test. The RBC FluoGene D weak/variant detects the most common weak D alleles (type 1, 1.1, 2, 3, 4, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5, 15 and 17), as well as the DEL alleles RHD*01EL.01, and RHD*01EL.08.

RBC FluoGene® vERYfy
RBC FluoGene® vERYfy

This test system combines the typing of different blood group systems in parallel. Serologically detected D-ambiguities, unclear blood groups of polytransfused patients or patients producing allo- or auto-antibodies and/or showing a positive DAT test can be screened and identified with this kit.

In the Rhesus system, exons 3, 5, and 10, as well as the RHD pseudogene ψ (37 bp insertion in intron 3) are detected within the RHD gene, as well as the RHCE alleles RHCE*C, *c, *E, *e, and *Cw. In addition, this kit detects the blood group systems Kell (KEL*01.01, KEL*02), Kidd (JK*01/JK*02), Duffy with the alleles FY*01, FY*01, FY*02W.01, and FY*02N.01 (GATA-box mutation), MNS with the alleles GYPA*01(M), GYPA*02(N), GYPB*03(S), GYPB*04(s), U+var(P2), and U+var(NY), and Dombrock (DO*01/DO*02).

RBC FluoGene vERYfy® eXtend
RBC FluoGene vERYfy® eXtend

RBC-FluoGene® vERYfy eXtend was developed for advanced blood group typing and is a combination of the inno-train blood group typing kits. With only one test the characteristics of RHD/RHCE, KEL, JK, FY, MNS, DO, LU, YT, DI, VEL, CO, KN, and LW can be examined. For more information, please refer to the specificity table enclosed in the kit and the table below.

RBC-FluoGene® Rare
RBC-FluoGene® Rare

The present detection system allows the typing of the rare blood group alleles Diego (DI*01/DI*02), Wright (DI*02.03/DI*02. 04), Cartwright (YT*01/YT*02), Lutheran (LU*01/LU*02), Kell (KEL*02.03 and KEL*02.06), Colton (CO*01.01/CO*02.01), Knops (KN*01/KN*02), and Landsteiner-Wiener (LW*05/LW*07). The blood group systems mentioned are biallelic with one common and one rare allele each.

RBC-FluoGene® D-Screen
RBC-FluoGene® D-Screen

The test system allows the detection of RHD exons 3, 5, and 10 in only one reaction.

The screening test is designed for molecular confirmation of serologically negative RHD donor samples. In case of positive screening reactions, the samples should be further differentiated.


RBC FluoGene Kits
Item numberNameTest / Plate
RUONot for use in diagnostic procedures- USA and Canada
001 081 010RBC-FluoGene vERYfy1
001 081 030RBC-FluoGene vERYfy3
001 082 010RBC-FluoGene CDE1
001 082 040RBC-FluoGene CDE4
001 083 010RBC-FluoGene D weak/variant1
001 083 040RBC-FluoGene D weak/variant4
001 085 010RBC-FluoGene Rare1
001 086 010RBC-FluoGene ABO basic1
001 086 040RBC-FluoGene ABO basic4
001 087 048RBC-FluoGene D screen12
001 087 240RBC-FluoGene D-Screen XT24
001 088 048RBC-FluoGene Vel-Screen12
001 089 010RBC-FluoGene KKD1
001 091 010RBC-FluoGene vERYfy eXtend1
001 092 010RBC-FluoGene CDE eXtend1
RBC FluoGene NX Kits
Item numberName
001 080 010RBC-FluoGene NX ABO Plus
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