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DaraEx and DaraEx plus

DaraEx – anti-CD38 antibody neutralizing agent

Antibody based drugs can disturb serological blood group testing since the examined antigens can be masked by the therapeutic antibodies. An anti-CD38 antibody for treatment of multiple myeloma shows a strong interference in the indirect antiglobulin test (IAT) where most of the reactions turn to unspecifically (wrong) positive. The time consuming standard technique using Dithiothreitol (DTT) counteracts the interference but has major drawbacks like destruction of Kel antigens or hemolysis. The imusyn DaraEx compound inhibits the agglutination effect of anti-CD38 in IAT without side effects.

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Improved DaraEx version is now available as RUO and CE-IVD

We are happy to announce that the anti-CD38 antibody neutralizing agent DaraEx has now an improved functionality by changing the chemistry from a F(ab)2 fragment to a Fab fragment. The new uniform express protocol does not need a pre-incubation of the test cells with DaraEx anymore. Instead DaraEx can be added directly on the gel card without any delay in the indirect antiglobulin test (IAT).


  • No preincubation of test cells with DaraEx / DaraEx plus
  • Cells can be used for indirect antiglobulin test with conventional gel card systems


  • Mitigation of therapeutic anti-CD38 antibody interference with fab fragments: How well does it perform? Habicht CP,Ridders M, Grueger D, Adolph S, Immenschuh S, Schneeweiss C. Transfusion. 2023 Jan 27. doi: 10.1111/trf.17253. Online ahead of print. PMID: 36707937
  • Effective Neutralization of Daratumumab Effects on Pre-Transfusion Testing: a Method Modification. Feldmann A, Duek AM, Mandel-Benando M, Cohen LA, Feldman DR, Leiba M. Clin. Lab.2022 Sep 1;68(9).doi: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2022.211243.PMID: 36125160

Advantages of DaraEx


Quick and simple procedure


Specific inhibition of anti-CD38 reactivity without affecting other antigens or alloantibody reactions


No side effects like destruction of blood group antigens or hemolysis as described for the standard DTT treatment


No need for expensive anti-idiotypic antibodies or soluble CD38 protein for blocking anti-CD38

DaraEx / DaraEx plus
Item numberNameDescription
004 020 001DaraEx (RUO)300 µl vial
004 020 004DaraEx plus (CE-IVD)300 µl vial
004 020 005DaraPC450 µl vial

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