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RBC-Ready Gene

Red Blood Cell-Ready Gene is inno-train’s product line for analysis of erythrocyte blood groups based on the SSP-PCR method.
Therefore these diagnostic systems represent the ideal complement to serolgoical blood group typing. The modular kit design offers an extensive choice for a gradual typing system depending on your problem.

The evaluation is performed by standard agarose gel electrophoresis. As an internal PCR control each tube contains primers for amplification of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). If no specific product is present after PCR, the amplificate of this positive control must be clearly detectable.

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Advantages of the Ready Gene Systems


high flexibility due to modular product concept


easy and fast test performance


safety with polytransfused patients


clarification of questionable RHD/RHCE


negative controls included


coloured primer mixes for better visibility


CE certified


Flyer RBC-Ready Gene

AB0 Genotypisierung

Patients with weak AB0 expression or with a questionable pattern of their isoagglutinins can be retyped with RBC-Ready Gene AB0/AB0 Subtype up to very weakly expressed antigens. The flexible format of RBC-Ready Gene allows the performance of both kits in parallel, or only the subtype depending on your requirements.

Genotyping of Rare Blood Groups

In many cases antisera against rare blood groups are not available or difficult to identify and that can be directed against rare blood groups. RBC-Ready Gene Rare ID detects rare blood group alleles without a doubt and in an economical way.

In times of a globalized world the demand for blood units with rare blood group alleles is increasing. Our screening concepts for rare blood group alleles support you in fining the suitable blood unit. You have the choice: the RBC-Ready Gene Rare Screen system screens with only one reaction for five different blood group alleles. The RBC-Ready Gene 4-Screen Sseaches in four reaction of seven different rare blood group alleles in parallel with the confirmation of D positivity or D negativity. Further identification of the detected rare allele after such a screening test can be completed with the RBC-Ready Gene Rare ID system.

Genotyping of the KELL, KIDD, DUFFY and MNS systems

Different hemolytic diseases e. g. sickle cell anemia or thalassemia, but also complex courses of diseases following multiple operations due to accidents or chronic diseases require continuous blood transfusions. As a result the recipients have a mixture of blood that makes blood group detection difficult, expecially of the blood groups Kell, Kidd, Duffy and MNS. If further transfusions are necessary molecular blood group detection gives clear result because the colume of donor DNA in the transfusedblood units dies not influence the test.

RBC-Ready Gene also gives you safety in typing patients who have generated allo- or autoanitbodies and/or show a positive DAT in serological typing.

Beside the standard RBC-Ready Gene MNS and RBC-Ready Gene KKD test systems we offer the RBC-Ready Gene KELplus Kit for detection of further Kell alleles, as well as the RBC-Ready Gene JKplusFY for detection of further Kidd alleles in combination with Duffy detection.

RHD Genotyping

For clarification of serologically weak D typings in patients and donors inno-train’s system RBC-Ready Gene CDE and RBC-Ready Gene D weak can be used individually or in combination. Ambiguous samples are tested specifically for D categroies, D partial and D weak and can therefor be clearly characterized.

Molecular retyping of samples are serologically D negative with a C or E antigen show a D positivity (DEL, D weak, D variant) in rare cases.

The RBC-Ready Gene ZygoFast test system is recommended as a rapid test for a first prognosis of zygosity.With four PCRs you analyse whether your sample is “DD”, “Dd” or “dd”. The complete deletion of the RHD gene leads to the formation of the so-called hybrid box, which is detected via two different reactions in order to detect several polymorphisms. Amplification of two upstream box sequences confirms the presence of the RHD gene.

The RBC-Ready Gene D AddOn systems detects additional RHD sequences and further D negative alleles, which are not caused by a deletion of the whole RHD gene, i. e. DELs, RHDpsi, d(C)es, D-CE(2-9)-D or W16X.

The detection of these alleles represents important additional information for correct zygosity typing. All zygosities with known D negative alleles are detected safely by the combination of both systems.

Further RHCE Analysis: RBC-Ready Gene RHCE variants

RBC-Ready Gene CDE
With the RBC-Ready Gene CDE system a clear result of the RHCE alleles C, c, E, e and Cw is obtained. In the case of a clear molecular typing for RHCE together with a weak serological C, c, E or e reaction we recommend to use our latest test system RBC-Ready Gene RHCE variants for clarification.

It is also applicable for analyzing anomalous serological typings, e. g. unexpected RH antibodies. Furthermore it can be used for a targeted testing of donors/patients for altered RHCE variant expressions.

RBC-Ready Gene vERYfy: The combined solution incl. VEL+/Vel-
Samples from polytransfused patients or from patients producing allo-/auto-antibodies mostly requre a clear molecular clarification. The RBC-Ready Gene vERYfy system offers a combined solution for the parallel analysis of the blood group systems RHD, RHCE, MNS, Kell, Kidd, Duffy, Dombrock and Vel.


RBC-Ready Gene (SSP) - Genomic Blood Group Detection
Item numberNameTest / Plate
001 010 012RBC-Ready Gene AB012
001 012 012RBC-Ready Gene AB0 Subtype12
001 020 012RBC-Ready Gene CDE12
001 022 012RBC-Ready Gene D weak12
001 040 012RBC-Ready Gene KKD12
001 042 012RBC-Ready Gene KELplus12
001 044 012RBC-Ready Gene JKplus Fy12
001 050 012RBC-Ready Gene MNS12
001 061 012RBC-Ready Gene ZygoFast12
001 062 012RBC-Ready Gene D AddOn12
001 063 024Combi Kit ZygoFast + D Add On
001 070 012RBC-Ready Gene Rare ID12
001 072 096RBC-Ready Gene Rare Screen96
001 075 024RBC-Ready Gene 4-Screen24
001 076 012RBC-Ready Gene vERYfy12
001 077 012RBC-Ready Gene RHCE variants12
001 080 024RBC-Ready Gene D weak Screen24

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