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Recombinant Blood Group Antigens (rBGA)

For the specification of irregular anti-erythrocytic antibodies

The detection of antibodies to blood group antigens is crucial in pre and posttransfusion testing to allow for adequate blood supply of patients requiring blood transfusions. In cases when e.g. antibody mixtures, autoantibodies or alloantibodies to high-prevalence blood group antigens are present, the clear identification could be problematic due to unspecific positive (false positive) or overlapping reactions in antibody screening. Recombinant blood group antigens (rBGA) by imusyn can specifically inhibit antibodies and therefore minimize the risk of incompatible blood transfusions.

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  • Preincubation of 2 μl rBGA with 25 μl patient serum: neutralization of specific red cell antibodies
  • Serum can be used for indirect antiglobulin test with conventional gel card systems (Grifols DG® Gel Coombs, Bio-Rad ID-Card LISS/Coombs)

rBGA Features & Advantages


Simple test procedure


Direct antibody identification


Antibody detection and identification in one step


Simple and fast detection and identification of alloantibodies to high-prevalence blood group antigens


Better resolution of antibody mixtures


Neutralization of clinically insignificant antibodies to high-prevalence antigens in pretransfusion cross-matching


Faster and safer treatment of immunized patients


Easy to implement in routine serology

Recombinant Blood Group Antigens*
Item numberNameDescription
004 010 001Chido(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 003CROM/DAFvial à 300 µl
004 010 004Dombrock(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 005Dombrock(b)vial à 300 µl
004 010 006Duffy(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 007Duffy(b)vial à 300 µl
004 010 008Kell-Kp(b)-Js(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 009Indian(b)vial à 300 µl
004 010 010JMHvial à 300 µl
004 010 011Cellano-Kp(b)-Js(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 012Lutheran(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 013Lutheran(b)vial à 300 µl
004 010 014Landsteiner-Wiener(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 015Rodgers(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 016Scianna1vial à 300 µl
004 010 017Xg(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 018Cartwright(a)vial à 300 µl
004 010 019rBGA Kn(a)/DACYvial à 300 µl
004 010 020rBGA YCADvial à 300 µl

* serological tested antigens – all relevant antigens on recombinant proteins are listed in the IFU

  • Two novel antithetical KN blood group antigens may contribute to more than a quarter of all KN antisera in Europe. Grueger D, Zeretzke A, Habicht CP, Skaik Y, Wagner FF, Scharberg EA, Costelloe A, Martens J, Verboom M, Bugert P, Schneeweiss C. Transfusion. 2020 Oct;60(10):2408-2418. doi: 10.1111/trf.16039. Epub 2020 Sep 1. PMID: 32870515
  • Recombinant blood group proteins in clinical practice – from puzzling to binary antibody testing. Seltsam A, Blasczyk R.; ISBT Science Series 2016; 11:243-249.
  • Recombinant blood group proteins facilitate the detection of alloantibodies to high-prevalence antigens and reveal underlying antibodies: results of an international study. Seltsam A, Wagner F, Lambert M, Bullock T, Thornton N, Scharberg EA, Grueger D, Schneeweiss C, Blasczyk R. Transfusion. 2014 Jul;54(7):1823-30. doi: 10.1111/trf.12553. Epub 2014 Mar 18. PMID: 24635443

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