Certified according to
DIN EN ISO 13485:2016

FluoGene® Software

Our FluoGene® software is user-friendly and highly accurate in diagnostics

FluoQube® raw data is automatically imported into FluoGene® Software and a typing is calculated. This simplifies the workflow and prevents errors during data transfer. In addition, each FluoGene® PCR plate is barcoded so that a clear assignment of sample and measurement is always possible.

Many options in the software help to interpret the fluorescence values of each reaction. The software allows 4-eye validation, according to GDP standards.

Results can be easily printed or exported LIMS compatible with the FluoGene® software.

In blood group typing, the FluoGene® software presents the genotype, the predicted phenotype in both ISBT notations, and the detected SNPs.
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Find here our FluoGene® products for transplantation and transfusion diagnostics:




Item numberName
005 010 000FluoQube System
005 010 001FluoQube Real-Time-PCR Instrument
005 010 384FluoQube 384 System
005 01F Q01FluoQube IQOQ Kit
005 07I M01FluoQube384 IQOQ Kit
005 07C O010FluoGene Color Control 384
Item numberName
006 010 000FluoVista System
006 010 001FluoVista Analyser
FluoVista® Accessories
Item numberName
002 07F A01FluoApp Seal Applicator
00207FQ30CFluoQuant Starter Kit
00207FQ30FluoQuant Kit
00207OP10Optical Plates
002 07C P01Fluo Pad
002 07K F10Optical Foil
006 010 00SFluoGene Color Control
002 07I M01FluoVista IQOQ Kit
006 010 004FluoVista Carrier Plate

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