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Transfusion diagnostics

Everything from serology to next-generation sequencing and post-transplant monitoring.

For transfusion diagnostics, we offer an innovative product range for the detection of blood group characteristics for the safe transfusion of blood products such as erythrocytes, platelets, granulocytes, or therapeutic plasma.

The products have been developed in collaboration with immunohematology reference laboratories. All our products meet the highest safety standards and are CE IVD certified. (Outside USA & Canada)

Blood group typing…


…via SSP-PCR and agarose gels with RBC-Ready Gene


…via Real-time PCR with RBC-FluoGene®

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Human Platelet Antigens (HPA) typing…


…via SSP-PCR and Agarose gels with HPA-Ready Gene


…via Real-Time PCR with HPA-FluoGene®


…with optimized Real-time PCR as HPA-FluoGeneNX

We also offer various products to support your serology.

Our DaraEx neutralizes the therapeutic anti-CD38 antibody, which interferes serological blood group typing by antigen masking. The use of the DaraEx reagent is easier and faster than the conventional DTT treatment and furthermore shows no undesired side effects.

Our recombinant blood group antigens (rBGA) allow the specific inhibition of antibodies in the gel card test and thus minimize the risk of incompatible blood transfusions.

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