Certified according to
DIN EN ISO 13485:2016

Endpoint Fluorescence Measurement

FluoVista® – endpoint Fluorescence measurement for HLA-, RBC- and HPA-diagnostics

FluoGene® is a unique method for molecular HLA-, RBCand HPA typing combining all advantages of the SSPPCR with the speed of endpoint fluorescence detection.

The analysis is based on a specifically modified TaqMan® probe system by inno-train. Up to four fluorophores are detected by the FluoVista® analyzer and an integrated evaluation is realized by the FluoGene® software. Plate-specific data can be easily read from the barcoded FluoGene® PCR plate and sample-ID can be scanned and automatically transferred into the FluoGene® Software. A fully automated workflow can be realized by the use of our small pipetting unit PiU1. Just scan the barcode of the FluoGene® PCR plate for an automated protocol selection („Scan & Go“).

FluoGene® is a self-contained system comprising the ready-to-use kits, the detection device and the software solution displaying the typing results immediately after the evaluation read. For the PCR set-up simply add your diluted sample DNA to the ready-to-use FluoMix and dispense 15 μl per well over the PCR plate. This manual step can be performed automated by the pipetting unit PiU1. Afterwards the FluoGene® plates are sealed with an adhesive optical foil. The subsequent pre- and postreads are generated in a closed environment. Therefore any risk of a post-PCR contamination gets eliminated. The FluoGene® Software supplies the immediate display of typing results, as well as a fully-automated data management.

FluoQuant – fluorescence based DNA quantification with the FluoVista® Analyzer

DNA concentration can be rapidly measured in 96 well format using fluorescent dyes.

This enables a very fast, accurate, reasonable priced and automated process – measurement and typing of your samples in one system!

The system is validated with QuantiFluor® by Promega, a fluorescence dye intercalating specifically in double-stranded DNA for specific and sensitive quantification. Just add your sample and dye to a 96 well plate – that`s all.

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Item numberName
006 010 000FluoVista System
006 010 001FluoVista Analyser
FluoVista® - Accessories
Item numberName
002 07F A01FluoApp Seal Applicator
00207FQ30CFluoQuant Starter Kit
00207FQ30FluoQuant Kit
00207OP10Optical Plates
002 07C P01Fluo Pad
002 07K F10Optical Foil
006 010 00SFluoGene Color Control
002 07I M01FluoVista IQOQ Kit
006 010 004FluoVista Carrier Plate

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