Certified according to
DIN EN ISO 13485:2016

BEXS 12 – DNA/RNA extraction

Automated DNA or RNA extraction in 40 minutes

The basic principle

BEXS 12 (Bead Extraction System 12) is a fully automated system for DNA/RNA extraction from various clinical sample materials, such as swabs or blood samples, using magnetic bead technology.

In combination with the BEXS 12 Ready DNA Bead Kit, the system allows parallel DNA extraction from up to 12 blood samples with a volume of 250 μL each. The purity of the isolated genomic DNA is A260/A280= ~ 1.8 with a yield of 5 – 10 μg DNA depending on the starting material. With our new BEXS 12 Ready Viral DNA/RNA Kit, a completely automated extraction of viral nucleic acids from different clinical sample materials is possible.

The samples

This system ideally supports the workflow for the detection of SARS-CoV2/Covid-19. Clinical samples from naso- or orophyngeal swabs can be directly inserted into the extraction. Furthermore, the BEXS 12 system enables parallel and quantitative isolation of viral DNA and RNA. Up to 12 samples can be processed in 40 minutes. Thus, the BEXS 12 system is suitable for laboratories with a sample volume of up to 120 extractions per day.

The method

The integrated buffer dispensing system and the supplied barcode scanner guarantee easy handling of the system with little manual work. The device can be easily operated via a user-friendly touch screen. Magnetic particles are separated by metal rods whose magnetization is achieved by an external magnet that is switched on and off. Careful resuspension of the magnetic particle pellets is achieved by high-speed rotation of the metal rods. This proven technology eliminates all centrifugation and labor-intensive resuspension steps.
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Scope of delivery

  • BEXS 12 extraction device
  • Barcode scanner
  • Pen for operating the touchscreen display
  • BEXS 12 tip & tube Rack
  • Holder for the buffer bottle set
  • Bottle spikes
  • BEXS 12 bottle tubing set
  • Calibration plate with 1.4 mL tube

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