HLA-HiType Software

HiType – The Sequencing Software

Executive Summary

  • Integration of new nomenclature and automated translation in P- and G-groups as well as new NMDP-Codes
  • Fully automated data management, no exhausting selection of *.ab1 Files necessary
  • Automated recognition and dynamic display of hemi- and heterozygous sequences
  • Several manual and automated editing possibilities
  • Diverse alignment options, combined control of electropherogram and alignment
  • High safety due to a defined 4 eyes principle (technical and medical validation)
  • Complete histry with a traceability of each step
Art. No. Name Test / Plate
002 090 0SW HLA-HiType Software main licence
002 090 0AL Additional workstation licence
002 090 IIT Installation and initital training
RUO Not for use in diagnostic procedures - USA and Canada

The innovative and user-optimized Software for HLA sequencing analysis.

Overview of the validation screen of the results in the HLA-HiType software. Each part of the screen has a separate functionality and can be handled as a separate window.

Some of the most important features and benefits

Complete User Management

Individual definition of single users or user groups with the possibility of separate rights for different actions.

Complete Lab Organisation

Creation of orders and arrangments for job lists. Call for orders that have to be validated. Acquisition of the full history of an order. Each steph is recorded with user, worksation, date and time.


This feature gives the ability to identify the number of the avaiulable sequences and their chromosomal linkage (hetero-, hemizygote) at one glace.  There is no limit for the displaying sequences, therefore sequences of different samples or individuals can be easily compared. The dynamic localisation of the sequences enables direct information about the position within an exon/intron in the gene. The graphical display of the conspicuous positions like mismatches, heterozygosity or editions provides a complete overview of the quality of the available sequences. These positions are directly accessible with one click.


The PolyPort as a multi mismatch panel allows the user to display the sequence information of all relevant allele combinations at one time. This feature leads to a significant time-saving evaluation of the sequences.


Alignments can be displayed directly out of the application with the possibility to filter, e.g. for special alleles or sequence patterns. One major advantage is the Sequence-Alignment-Control. The application can be operated directly out of the AlignmentPort as well as the SequencePort and regions can be directly accessed.

Second Level Port

With the button Second Level Port is opened and displays a recommendation of one or more second level primers which are to resolve the combination. 


Via an internet connection there are several other existing options, such as a fully-automated update of the allele databases, daily NMDP-Code updates, remote mantainance and programme updates.

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