HPA-FluoGene® – The Fluorescence PCR

FluoGene® is a unique method for molecular HLA-, RBC- and HPA typing combining all advantages of the SSP-PCR with the speed of endpoint fluorescence detection. The analysis is based on a specifically modified TaqMan® probe system by inno-train.


  • PCR-SSP method without gel electrophoresis within 90 minutes
  • no hybridization and washing steps
  • display of typing results immediately after the post-read
  • no risk of post-PCR contaminations
  • low DNA consumption
  • user-friendly software solution, fully-automated calculation of results
  • same system for HLA-, RBC- and HPA
  • use of patented* fluorescent dyes and quenchers
Art. No. Name Test / Plate
RUO Not for use in diagnostic procedures - USA and Canada
003 010 010 HPA-FluoGene 1
003 010 048 HPA-FluoGene 6
003 011 048 HPA-FluoGene HPA-1 a/b Screen 12
Art. No. Name Test / Plate
003 015 010 HPA-FluoGeneNX 1
003 015 048 HPA-FluoGeneNX 6

*Licensor Dyes and Quenchers

“HilyteTM” is a trademark of Anaspec, Inc., “QXL®” is a registered trademark of Anaspec, Inc., “DDQITM” are trademarks of Kaneka Eurogentec SA.
QXL, Hilyte, DDQI, DDQII, are licenced pursuant to an agreement with Kaneka Eurogentec S.A., and these products are sold exclusively for diagnostic purposes.
Elitech Dyes and Quenchers
“EclipseTM Dark Quencher”, “EclipseTM Quencher” are trademarks of ELITechGroup, Inc., “Yakima Yellow®”, “AquaPhluor®”, “Redmond Red®” and “Eclipse®” are registered trademarks of ELITechGroup, Inc.
Use of this product (including but not limited to Yakima Yellow® and EclipseTM Dark Quencher) is covered by patents owned by ELITechGroup, Inc., and sublicensed by Kaneka Eurogentec S.A. Such patents include without limitation the following US patents and corresponding patent claims outside the US: US6,699,975, US 6,790,945, US 7,662,942, US 6,653,473, US 6,972,339, 7,541,454, 7,671,218, 7,767,834, 8,163,910, 6,727,356. Further information on purchasing licences may be obtained by contacting licensing@eurogentec.com.

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