RBC-FluoGene D weak Screen Q

Flexible D weak Screening by 1-2 liquid mixes on any real-time PCR device.

Real-time based detection of D weak type 1/2/3 plus separation of RHD*09 allele cluster (“D weak type 4”)

Our latest FluoGene Q series is independent of the inno-train devices and FluoGene Software. The qPCR kits contain of a few (in general 1-2) primer-probe-mixes as liQuid mixes, the buffer FluoMix, as well as a positive- and negative-control-DNA. Reagents are suitable for any real-time instrument in 96-well and 384-well format.

The RBC-FluoGene D weak Screen Q test system will be available in May 2022. For further information click here.