Improved DaraEx version is now available as RUO and CE-IVD

We are happy to announce that the anti-CD38 antibody neutralizing agent DaraEx has now an improved functionality by changing the chemistry from a F(ab)2 fragment to a Fab fragment. The new uniform express protocol does not need a pre-incubation of the test cells with DaraEx anymore. Instead DaraEx can be added directly on the gel card without any delay in the indirect antiglobulin test (IAT).

The new version of DaraEx can be ordered for validation purposes under the article number 004 020 001 with the remark "lot P22I18-004" or "new DaraEx version with purple lid". In approximately three months the new version of DaraEx will replace the old version.
The new version of DaraEx (=RUO) is also available as the CE-IVD marked product DaraEx plus with the article number 004 020 004. Please note that the process control for these products has an adjusted protein concentration and is available under the new product name "Dara-PC" with the article number 004 020 005.
Further information is provided here.