DaraEx and recombinant blood group antigens

Serological products from imusyn now available at inno-train

inno-train obtained worldwide sales rights for serological products DaraEx and recombinant Blood Group Antigens of the German company imusyn since March 1st 2018. DaraEx neutralizes the therapeutic anti-CD38-antibody which can disturb serological blood group testing via masking of blood group antigens. The use of DaraEx is easier and faster than applying conventional DTT. Furthermore the inhibition is specific and there are no undesirable side effects. For further information click here.

The detection of antibodies to blood group antigens is crucial in pre and post transfusion testing to allow for adequate blood supply of patients requiring blood transfusions. In cases when e.g. antibody mixtures, autoantibodies or alloantibodies to high-prevalence blood group antigens are present, the clear identification could be problematic due to unspecific positive (false positive) or overlapping reactions in antibody screening. Recombinant blood group antigens (rBGA) can specifically inhibit antibodies and therefore minimize the risk of incompatible blood transfusions. Read more.