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Covid-19 FluoGene® Q

Dual-Target Multiplex qRT-PCR Kit for qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 specific RNA.

The test system is now available!

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BEXS 12 Ready Viral DNA/RNA Kit

For extraction of viral nucleic acids from differnt sample materials based on magnetic particle separation technology. This system supports...

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RBC-FluoGeneNX ABO plus

Because sometimes it is not as simple

TaqMan PCR for detection of 35 ABO variant alleles plus the standard alleles ABO*A1.01, *A2.01, *B.01, *O.01...

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QTRACE Post-Transplant Monitoring

Real-time PCR based chimerism analysis: detection of 46 individual insertions/deletions

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One-step staining and fixing of lymphocytes in microcytotoxicity assay

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HLA-FluoGeneNX ABCDRDQ und HLA-FluoGeneNX Match

FluoGeneNX - faster PCR with less DNA consumption

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DaraEx and recombinant blood group antigens

Serological products from imusyn now available at inno-train

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RBC-FluoGene vERYfy eXtend

RHD/RHCE, KEL, JK, FY, MNS, DO, LU, YT, DI, VEL, CO and KN genotyping on a 96-well plate

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inno-train's real-time device

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