DaraEx and rBGA: the smart tools for pretransfusion serologic blood group diagnostics.

Free webinar: June 29th 2023, 4 – 5 pm (CEST), English


  • "Tired of DTT? Eliminate the therapeutic anti-CD38 antibody interference with DaraEx."
    Dr. Sabrina König, inno-train-Diagnostik, Kronberg, Germany
  • "Interference in pretransfusion testing caused by anti-CD38 antibody: How can we reduce it?"
    Mgr. Jana Králová, UHKT Prague, Czech Republic
  • "Where's Wally? Identifying irregular antibodies using recombinant Blood Group Antigens."
    Dr. Clemens Schneeweiß, imusyn, Hannover, Germany


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Antibody based drugs can disturb serological blood group testing since the examined antigens can be masked by the therapeutic antibodies. Anti-CD38 antibodies (i.e. Daratumumab, Isatuximab) for treatment of multiple myeloma show a strong interference in the indirect antiglobulin test (IAT) where most of the reactions turn to unspecifically (wrong) positive. Learn in this webinar how to easily circumvent this interference by using fab fragments.
The detection of antibodies to blood group antigens is crucial in pre and post transfusion. In cases when e.g. antibody mixtures, autoantibodies or alloantibodies to high prevalence blood group antigens are present, the clear identification could be problematic due to unspecific positive or overlapping reactions in antibody screening. Recombinant blood group antigens (rBGA) can specifically inhibit antibodies and therefore minimize the risk of incompatible blood transfusions.

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