33rd European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference (EFI)

May, 8th - 11th 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

EFI-Workshop: FluoQube - HLA typing in less than 60 minutes by real-time PCR

May, 8th 2019 1 - 2 pm

Venue: Espaco Restelo, Rua D. Francisco de Almeida, 8, 1400 - 118 Lisboa

South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB)

May 30th - June 1st 2019

San Antonio, Texas

American Transplant Congress (ATC)

June, 1st - 5th 2019

European Regional Congress of the ISBT

June, 22nd - 26th 2019

Basel, Switzerland

ISBT-Workshop: FluoQube - RBC genotyping in less than 80 minutes by real-time PCR

June, 23rd 2019 12 - 2 pm

Venue: Dorint Hotel - Tagungsraum Bern (Dorint An der Messe Basel - Schoenaustr. 10 - 4058 Basel)

We are happy to announce our hands-on workshop in RBC genotyping prior to the 29th Regional Congress of the ISBT. We will present our RBC-FluoGene vERYfy eXtend typing system for parallel testing of over 70 RBC antigens and phenptypic variants of 13 blood groups (RHD; RHCE; KEL; JK; FY; MNS; DO; LU; YT; DI; VEL; KN) on one 96-well plate.

The number of participants is limited. Please register at info@ino-train.de.

For further information click here.

ASHI 45th Annual Meeting

September, 23rd - 27th 2019

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

AABB 36th Annual Meeting

October, 19th - 22nd 2019

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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