FluoQube³⁸⁴ – inno-train's real-time device

The FluoQube384 offers our real-time PCR FluoGene Method (TaqMan® based SSP) in the useful 384-well format. Amplification and fluorescence detection are done in parallel like in the FluoQube 96-well cycler. The 384-well block offers excellent temperature uniformity and an unmatched plate read-out speed of 6 seconds.

The first available kit for the FluoQube384 is our HLA-FluoGene 384 Match.

In addition, the FluoQube384 can be used for any other real-time PCR application. Filters can be extended and freely configured.

We recommend the automated DNA and RNA extraction with our BEXS 12 Bead Extraction System for sample preparation

Art. No. Name
RUO Not for use in diagnostic procedures - USA and Canada
005 010 000 FluoQube System
005 010 001 FluoQube Real-Time-PCR Instrument
005 010 384 FluoQube 384 System
005 01F Q01 FluoQube IQOQ Kit
005 07I M01 FluoQube384 IQOQ Kit
005 07C O010 FluoGene Color Control 384

Possible diagnostic typings on our FluoQube384 real-time instruments:

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