FluoQube® - inno-train's real-time device

FluoQube® supports molecular HLA-, RBC- and HPA typing by combining the FluoGene® method (TaqMan® based SSP) with real-time PCR. This system allows amplification and fluorescence reading in one system. All FluoGene® kits can be applied on FluoQube®. The real-time data are automatically imported into the FluoGene® Software for result evaluation. In addition to the FluoGene® application, FluoQube® supports any kind of real-time PCR. Optionally the entire workflow can be automated – starting with automated DNA isolation with the BEXS 12 Bead Extraction System, followed by automated PCR setup with the Pipetting Unit PiU 1.

Art. No. Name
RUO Not for use in diagnostic procedures - USA and Canada
005 010 000 FluoQube System
005 010 001 FluoQube Real-Time-PCR Instrument
005 010 384 FluoQube 384 System
005 01F Q01 FluoQube IQOQ Kit
005 07I M01 FluoQube384 IQOQ Kit
005 07C O010 FluoGene Color Control 384

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