inno-train's automated FluoGene® workflow for HLA-, RBC- and HPA-genotyping!

FluoGene® - the automated TaqMan Probe diagnostic system

In conjunction with our automated DNA extraction system BEXS 12, the pipetting unit PiU 1 pre-programmed for the use with FluoGene® kits, offers FluoGene® a complete automation solution for molecular HLA-, bloodgroup-, and HPA-diagnostics. By means of the FluoGene® Software, the automated result evaluation is transferred to the customer specific lab information management system (LIMS).
All FluoGene® test systems have the identical methodical workflow. The kits contain all reagents pre-aliquoted in vials, inclusive the for PCR necessary polymerase.
After adding the sample DNA and distribution of this mixture to the testspecific PCR plates which are also contents of the kits, the amplification is performed in inno-train´s realtime cycler FluoQube®.
Alternatively and with a higher throughput, the evaluation can be performed with inno-train´s FluoVista® using various thermocyclers of the customer for amplification.
All FluoGene® kits are labelled with CE according to IVD Directive 98/79/EC and are being produced and quality controlled in a DIN EN ISO 13485 certified environment.

HLA-FluoGene RBC-FluoGene HPA-FluoGene

FluoGene® accompanying documents

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