47th Annual American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Conference

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With an expertise of more than 20 years, we provide in the fields of transfusion medicine and immunogenetics all necessary equipment for automated bloodgroup-, HPA-, and HLA-typing. 

We offer Serological Test Systems, PCR-SSP, RT-PCR (TaqMan® Probe assay), and sequencing kits, including Sanger and NGS as CE marked In Vitro Diagnostica. The product range of instruments includes the DNA/RNA-Extractor BEXS 12, the Pipetting Robot PiU1, the Fluoresecence-detection Device FluoVista, and 96- or 384-well Real-Time PCR cycler FluoQube and FluoQube384

Our products are perfectly coordinated for maximum convenience, safety, and reliability.

Please also check our HLA-FluoGeneNX for automated HLA typing of 11 loci with a single-antigen bead resolution in less than one hour.





Covid-19 test

Our Covid-19 FluoGene® Q contains now an additional detection for the critical mutation N501Y in one multiplexed reaction mix.

Sales Products

JETA - qPCR chimerism analysis

Since 2018 we have a sales & cooperation Agreement with Jeta for selling the QTRACE qPCR technique for chimerism testing in post-transplant Monitoring.    

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