BEXS 12 & Ready DNA Bead Kit

Manual DNA Extraction with magnetic beads

The Ready DNA Bead Kit is based on the DNA feature to adsorb on the surface of specially coated magnetic particles in the presence of chaotropic salts. After adsorbance of the DNA to the magnetic beads contaminations can be removed easily by washing the particles. Afterwards the DNA is dissolved from the magnetic beads with an elution buffer and can be used for all downstream applications after removal of the beads.

The manual DNA extraction with the Ready DNA Bead Kit takes approximately 30 minutes. The testsystem supplies an optimal DNA purity with a ratio of A260/A280 ~ 1,8 and a yield between 5-10 µg DNA depending on the raw material used.

The parallel DNA extraction of up to 12 samples of blood or Buffy Coat with a volume of 250 µl each is carried out with a magnetic stand (Ready DNA Bead Stand). This has 2x 12 cavities for 1 ml anf for 1,5 ml reaction tubes respectively. The inner rows are the magnetic positions, while the outer rows are not affected by the axial magnet.

Manual DNA Extraction with mini centrifugation columns

The Ready DNA Spin Kit relies on the ability of DNA to adsorb to silica surfaces in the presence of chaotropic salts. This test system offers a universal protocol for a fast and reliable DNA extraction from different sources (i. e. blood, cell culture, tissue). The obtained DNA can be used for all downstream applications as PCR, cloning or southern blotting.

The Ready DNA Spin Kit is sufficient for 50 extractions. The dissolved DNA has a purity of A260/A280 ~ 1,8 and a yield of approximately 5-10 g depending on the sample material used. The DNA extraction procedure takes roughly about 30 minutes.

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